World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Milano, 1 December 2007

International Seminar
Recovery from psychosis: What does it mean?

Mario Negri Institute
Via La Masa 19, 20156 Milano, Italy

The seminar is a joint initiative by the World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation, the City of Milan, the Mario Negri Institute and the Milan Niguarda Hospital Trust. It is not receiving any commercial sponsorship.

English and Italian with simultaneous translation.

Admission fees
Consumers, WAPR members, participants from low income countries Free
Relatives and non-professionals 20
Professionals non-WAPR members 50

Scientific Secretariat
Germana Agnetti, Angelo Barbato, Barbara D'Avanzo, Alberto Parabiaghi.
Epidemiology and Social Psychiatry Unit, Mario Negri Institute,
Via La Masa 19, 20156 Milano, Italy.
Tel +390239014551, Fax +3902390143300, e-mail

Organizing Secretariat
Laura Agalbato, Daniela Ba, Loredana Fontanili, Anna Gardiner, Teodoro Maranesi, Ernesto Muggia, Elena Petruzzelli, Lucia Telazzi.
Department of Mental Health
Niguarda Hospital Trust
Piazza Ospedale Maggiore 3, 20162 Milano, Italy.
Tel +390264442132, e-mail

Practical information
The congress venue can be reached
* From Malpensa Airport by the train Malpensa Express, getting out at the station Bovisa Politecnico,
* From Central Railway Station by the Subway green line, direction Abbiategrasso, getting out at the station Cadorna, then taking the suburban train Ferrovie Nord at Cadorna Railway Station, getting out at the station Bovisa Politecnico. All trains stop at Bovisa Politecnico and the same subway ticket is valid for the trip.
* From Downtown Milan by the suburban train Ferrovie Nord at Cadorna Railway Station, as indicated above.

The aim of the seminar is to highlight conceptual and practical issues related to the various meanings and definitions of recovery in reference to psychotic disorders. Six lectures will address the following issues:
* The subjective experience of recovery
* Epidemiological data on recovery from longitudinal studies of first-onset psychoses
* Outcome of schizophrenia and related disorders in low income countries
* Psychological aspects of recovery
* Antipsychotic drug treatment and recovery
* Recovery oriented mental health services.
The speakers will represent the standpoints of users and of researchers from various disciplines, such as psychology, psychiatry, epidemiology.
A general discussion will follow each lecture and a roundtable will critically comment the seminar.

The target audience of the seminar will be the mental health professionals, the consumers and the researchers from health and social sciences fields. Participation from low income countries will be actively encouraged.
Speakers and chairpersons
Clive Adams (United Kingdom), Angelo Barbato (Italy), Wilma Boevink (The Netherlands), Marit Borg (Norway), Cristiano Castelfranchi (Italy); Barbara D'Avanzo (Italy), Marianne Farkas (USA), Silvio Garattini (Italy), Andrew Gumley (United Kingdom), Edvard Hauff (Norway), Kobus Jordaan (South Africa), Michael Madianos (Greece), Natasja Menezes (Canada), Alok Sarin (India), Kay Sheldon (United Kingdom), John Talbott (USA), René Van der Male (The Netherlands).


Saturday 1st December/Sabato 1 Dicembre

9-11.15: Opening session/Sessione di apertura
Sala delle Conferenze A
Chair: Barbara D'Avanzo

Silvio Garattini Welcome address/Saluto
Michael Madianos Opening address/Apertura del seminario
Angelo Barbato Introduction/Introduzione
Wilma Boevink The subjective experience of recovery/L'esperienza soggettiva della guarigione
Natasja Menezes Recovery from psychoses: findings from longitudinal studies/Psicosi e guarigione: I dati degli studi longitudinali

11.15-11.30 Coffee break/Pausa caffè

11.30-13: Plenary session/Sessione plenaria
Sala delle Conferenze A
Chair: Michael Madianos

Andrew Gumley Psychological aspects of recovery/Aspetti psicologici della guarigione
Clive Adams Antipsychotic drug treatment and recovery/Terapia farmacologica antipsicotica e guarigione

13-14 Lunch/Pausa pranzo

Plenary session/Sessione plenaria
Sala delle Conferenze A
Chair: Edvard Hauff

Alok Sarin Outcome of psychoses in low income countries/L'esito delle psicosi nei paesi a basso reddito
Kay Sheldon Recovery-oriented mental health services/I servizi di salute mentale orientati alla guarigione

Roundtable/Tavola rotonda
Chair: Marianne Farkas


Marit Borg, Cristiano Castelfranchi, Kobus Jordaan, René Van der Male, John Talbott.