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Volume 49
July 2000
Number 1

Short Report
A pilot study: Stability of psychiatric diagnoses over 6 months in burning mouth syndrome
M. Nicholson, G. Wilkinson, E. Field, l. Longman and B. Fitzgerald

Original Articles
The timing of acts of deliberate self-harm: is there any relation with suicidal intent, mental disorder or psychiatric management?
P.Bienkiron, A. House and D. Milnes

Organic syndromes diagnosed as conversion disorder: identification and frequency in a study of 85 patients 
F.C. Moene, E. H. Landberg, K. A. L. Hoogduin, P. Spinhoven, L. l. Hertzberger, R. P. Kleyweg and J. Weeda

Men with prostate cancer: influence of psychological factors on informational needs and decision making 
F. Wong, D. E. Stewart, J. Dancey, M. Meana, M. P. McAndrews, T. Bunston and A. M. Cheung

The question of symptom lateralization in conversion disorder
K.Roelofs, G. W. B. Naring, F. C. Moene and C. A. L. Hoogduin

Anxiety and depression in cancer patients: relation between the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale and the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer Core Quality of Life Questionnaire
J.Skarstein, N. Aass, S. O. Fossa, E. Skoviund and A. A. Dahl

Positive and negative life events: the relationship with coronary heart disease risk factors in young adults
J.W. R. Twisk, J. Snel, W. da Vente, H. C. G. Kemper and W. van Mechelen

Are alexithymia, depression, and anxiety distinct constructs in affective disorders?
C.Marchesi, E. Brusamonti and C. Maggini

Alexithymia, and negative emotional conditions
M. A. Lumley

Psychological and physical health correlates of body cell mass depletion among HIV+ men
G.J. Wagner, S. J. Ferrando and J. G. Rabkin

Negative affectivity, restriction of emotions, and site of metastases predict mortality in recurrent breast cancer
K.L. Weihs, T. M. Enright, S. J. Simmens and D. Reiss

Anger, depression, and coping interactions in headache activity and adjustmerit: a controlled study
F.Materazzo, S. Cathcart and D. Pritchard

Job strain, Type A behavior pattern, and the prevalence of coronary atheroscierosis in Japanese working men
K.Yoshimasu, Y. Liu, H. Kodama, S. Sasazuki, M. Washio, K. Tanaka, S. Tokunaga, S. Kono, H. Arai, S. Koyanagi, K. Hiyamuta, Y. Doi, T. Kawano, O. Nakagaki, K. Takada, T. Nii, K. Shirai, M. ]deishi, K. Arakawa, M. Mobri and A. Takesbita

Attachment and loss experiences during childhood are associated with adult hostility, depression, and social support
L.J. Luecken

Stress, coping, and depression in non-ulcer dyspepsia patients 
S.-Y. Lee, M.-C. Park, S.-C. Choi, Y.-H. Nah, S. E. Abbey and G. Rodin

Book Reviews


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